Talk to Transformer verkar ha blivit lite bättre på att skriva poesi. Det här är ännu ett försök med inledningen “This is the best poem I know“:

This is the best poem I know:

For bards on a sleepless night

To be with one another

From sunrise to sunrise

In the glade of tiny blood-red galls,

Where leaf-sprinkled stumps wait

for the autumn wind to blow,

Where the caves of night close in

to wrap themselves in the moss

Of the mossy glade:

—or to dance and sing

The nightingale of the the mist,

Hiding in the silent lake,

Her song like a whisper

That sings in the trees.


The gentleman slept without his lamps burning”

En annan inledning som genererade en del intressanta resultat var “I would like to describe this expressionist painting as“. Och så förstås “Some examples of common Swedish names“…

Some examples of common Swedish names for boys
Granund – Granular or granular waste, liquid
Gunnar – Ganglion or ganglionitis, a kidney infection
Gunnar I/Gunnar H/Gunnar L – Ganglion I/Ganglion H/Ganglion L, one of four named Ganglion foci (foci composed of many ganglia, organs, or bladders)
Sarsted – Stayt, or set of organs
Hartov – Hammer or hammerhead (rock)
Magnus – Magnificent, or eminent
Hirju – Herbage, or litter, to transfer fluids
Hammar – Hammer”