Ibland lyckas Talk to Transformer riktigt bra med poesin. I försöken nedan är min inledning i fetstil, texten därefter har den hittat på själv. Dess “fakta” om författare är dock aningen tveksam:

This is the best poem I know:

The End of the World: a Rhapsody” by Arthur Rimbaud (1810)

When a verse begins

It has given to the world

What it could not

Tell us.

The chorus, perfect in its profundity,

Looks down from their lofty skies

The immense universe,

And sings of it,

Still one behind the next,

The Red Sea,

The Indian Ocean,

Aether, the human plane,

The whole of nature,

And offers their offerings

To it

For the splendors

They cannot understand.”

– – –

This is the best poem I know:

My name is Anaïs;

my soul is an unconscious runner;

begging you give me rest.”

– – –

This is the best poem I know:

The Hope of Ants.

Come, about me

And let us hear our own song.”

– – –